Toro 570Z-6P-PRXCOM 6” PRX Spray Head with Check Valve


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570Z PRX Series

  • Zero-flush seal prevents water waste at start up, allowing more heads to be installed on same line

  • X-Flow shut-off technology is factory installed and holds back 99% of water that would be wasted to a compromised head

  • Pressure regulating – factory installed regulator operates at a standard 30 psi to prevent misting and water waste

  • Ratcheting riser feature for easy and reliable arc adjustment
X-flow® Water Shut-off Device

Built into the riser and restricts water loss by 99% if the nozzle is removed or damaged, eliminating potential erosion or safety concerns. Allows for “dry” nozzle and filter-replacement or maintenance, while the system is running.

Zero Flush Wiper Seal

Prevents flushing on pop-up, allowing more sprinklers on the same line.

Small 2” (50mm) Diameter Cap

Less visible, reducing damage from exposure or vandals.

Patented In-riser Pressure Regulator

Maintains constant 30 psi (2,1 Bar) psi outlet pressure, which minimizes misting and fogging caused by pressures above 30 psi (2,1 Bar).

Enhanced Retraction Spring and Wiper Seal

Robust retraction spring and enhanced seal material ensures positive pop-up and retraction on all 570Z models.

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