Toro PRECISION Full Circle Male Nozzle 8 ft

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Toro's new Precision Series Spray Nozzles deliver increased efficiency over standard spray head installations. Lowering the standard precipitation rate* to 1" per hour - or less, these nozzles are designed to use less water and reduce run off.

Features & Benefits

  • H2O Chip Technology
    • A patented nozzling system that distributes water more efficiently and reaches the desired radii with less flow
    • Expanded selection of arc choices for precise distribution
  • Lower Precipitation Rate* - One Inch Per hour (or less)
    • Uses 1/3 less flow to reach a radius of a conventional spray nozzle yet achieves higher irrigation efficiency
  • No Moving or Sonic Welded Parts
    • Assures no variation at the end of the water arc for better edge definition
    • -Consistent, reliable performance
  • Uniform Droplet Size
    • The H2O Chip generates a larger, more uniform droplet size - resulting in consistency across the irrigated arc
    • Increased wind resistance
    • Minimizes unintentional watering of hardscape features and run-off
  • Greater Operating Pressure Range
    • Consistent performance from 20 to 50 PSI
    • No wasteful misting or fogging
  • Male & Female Threaded Models Available in:
    • 5 Radii between 5' and 15'
    • 9 Different arcs between 60 degrees and 360 degrees
    • 3 Specialty arcs - right corner, left corner & center strips


  • Radius: 5'-15'
  • Operating pressure range: 20-50 psi (maximum - 75 psi)
  • Flow Rate: 0.038 - 2.4 GPM

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