Toro - FSF Flat Spray Nozzle, 8ft, FULL Circle

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Spec Sheet

Toro MPR Plus fixed spray nozzles make system design and installation easier than ever. Featuring five color-coded radii and Specialty strip models, the Toro MPR Plus nozzles operate at a matched precipitation rate, allowing design flexibility without concern for not meeting the demands of the landscape.

Matched Precipitation Rates Ensures all nozzles with a common radii apply water at approximately the same rate.

Pre-installed Pressure Compensation Disc Eliminates excessive misting, conserves water and provides precise flow rates.


  • Customized screens for each nozzle
  • Fine-mesh snap-in filter screens for lower flow nozzles
  • Convenient nozzle packaging – nozzles and screens packed separately
  • Adjustment screw allows up to 25% reduction in radius and complete shutoff
  • Toro - 35-2746 - Toro FSF 360 Flat Spray
  • Full Circle - 360°
  • 8' radius
  • Operating pressure range: 20-75 psi
  • Recommended operating pressure: 30 psi
  • Flow Rate: 0.05 – 4.58 gpm

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