Rain Bird - RD04SP45FN 4" RD1800 Series Spray Head With SAM Check Valve, 45 PSI Pressure Regulator, Flow-Shield, Non-Potable

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Every landscape has elements that wear on your spray heads over time—from sand and grit to high water pressure and harmful chemicals in reclaimed water.

RD1800™ was designed with these incredibly harsh conditions in mind. As the next evolution in spray heads from Rain Bird—the industry leader in sprays—RD1800 was built with exclusive materials and features that stand up to the challenges of any setting.

Ultimate Protection for Both Potable and Non-Potable Markets

Potable water models of the RD1800 feature a white seal, and offer our highest level of protection against the universal challenges that spray heads endure. Non-potable models add an extra level of defense against the chlorine and chemicals found in recycled water. These feature a purple seal with the international "Do Not Drink" symbol, and warnings in English and Spanish.

Triple-Blade Wiper Seal

- With a patented Triple-Blade Wiper Seal that precisely balances flushing, flow-by and debris protection, RD1800 optimizes performance and durability in all soil types.

Flow-Shield Technology

- If a nozzle is ever broken or removed, patented Flow-ShieldTM Technology saves water by creating a low-flow service indication stream, letting you know there’s a problem before things get bad.

Debris Pockets

- Debris pockets in the base of the spray collect debris and grit to prevent recirculation, which provides a longer life. So, when other stems and nozzles become clogged with grit, the RD1800 remains clear.

Chlorine- and Chemical- Resistant Materials

- Exclusive models designed for non-potable water are made from the same durable plastics that are used in swimming pools, to outlast the unique challenges of recycled and reclaimed water. (Non-potable models only.)

Patented Purple Cap

- Featuring the international Do Not Drink symbol and warnings in English and Spanish right on the cap, RD1800 eliminates the need for bulky clip-on warning caps. (Non-potable models only.)

Five-year trade warranty.

Part 2: Not Afraid to Get Its Wiper Seal Dirty

Part 3: World's Toughest Spray

Part 4: Pressure Variations? No Sweat.

Part 5: Because Stuff Happens

  • Nozzle Type: No Nozzle Included
  • Spray Head Series: RD1800 Series
  • Dimensions:
    • 6" (15.2 cm) body height; 4" pop-up height (10.2 cm)
    • Exposed surface diameter: 2 1/4" (5.7 cm)
    • Pop-up Height: 4 in
    • Features: Flow Shield, Non-Potable / Reclaimed Water, PRS Pressure Regulating, SAM Seal-A-Matic Checkvalve, Side Inlet
    • Specifications:
      • Flow-by: 0 at 10 psi (0.7 bar) or greater; 0.5 gpm (0.1 m3/h; 0.03 l/s otherwise
      • Inlets: 1/2" (15/21) NPT female threaded
      • Operating Range:
        • Spacing: 2.5 to 24 feet (0.8 to 7.3 m)
        • Pressure: 15 to 100 psi (1.0 to 6.9 bar)

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