Prier C-534Y 18" Anti-Siphon Wall Hydrant - 1/2"Press Fit - C-534Y18

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PRIER C-534 provides a year round source of water to areas that are
subject to freezing temperatures. The hydrant is connected to the supply piping in the heated portion of the structure, eliminating the possibility of freezing. To ensure freeze protection, the hydrant will drain even with the hose attached and under pressure without sprayback.

The C-534 combines freezeless hydrant features with self-draining, antisiphon and two backflow check valves. The vacuum breaker/backflow preventer provides protection against cross-connection of the potable water supply, while venting to eliminate any vacuum. This commercial wall hydrant is key operated, code approved, and flows up to 9 GPM. No special installation tools are required.

  • Double check valve and anti-siphon vacuum breaker
  • Drains automatically with hose attached
  • Short valve stem cap for smaller profile in box
  • Integral cast flange with built-in drainage pitch
  • Solid brass body, valve stem cap, seat and stem ends
  • Satin nickel plated body maintains attractive finish
  • Optional stainless steel hydrant box sold separately
  • Multiple vent holes ensure proper draining and reduce problems associated with insect nesting
  • Designed to last the life of the plumbing system
  • Patented PRIER “triple seal” positive shutoff system offers triple redundancy to assure shutoff
  • High flow rate, 9 GPM at 25 PSI differential
  • Same key operates box lock and hydrant

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