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PRIER's P-RH2 Post Mount Roof Hydrant provides a year round source of water to roof surfaces in areas with freezing temperatures, making rooftop and equipment cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Once installed, the P-RH2 stands 30" above the roof for easy hose access. The hydrant is connected to the supply piping below the freeze line, and is self-draining, eliminating the possibility of freezing. Additionally, this valve has a built in vacuum breaker that allows the hydrant to drain even if the hose is left on.

The P-RH2 attaches to any roof structure by means of PRIER's new Universal Roof Hydrant Mounting Bracket (P-RMB). In contrast to competitors' options, PRIER's mounting bracket attaches to the structural member of the building with rigid support, instead of the skin of the building like competitive products. Additionally, the P-RMB requires only a single penetration point and is adjustable to accommodate roof angles. This bracket can be mounted to concrete, wood, steel, I-beams, truss, perlins or other structural member with standard construction materials (Unistrut, all-thread, etc.).

Purchase of P-RH2 includes the Universal Roof Hydrant Mounting Bracket.

  • Triple seal EPDM stopper for long wear life
  • Bracket mounts to any roof structural member (truss, I-beam, concrete roof, etc.)
  • Single hole penetration of 1 3/4"
  • Single person installation with standard tools
  • Hydrant has 3/4" inlet and multi-pass seat for high flow rates
  • Freezeless anti-siphon hydrant stands 30" above the roof for easy hose access
  • Heavy duty cast iron head and lockable lever handle
  • Bucket hook on spout
  • Designed to be installed with standard construction materials (Unistrut, all-thread, etc.)
  • Self draining with 1/8" NPT drainage port
  • Repair can be easily accomplished at roof level
  • Flow rate adjustment
  • Optional ASSE 1052 approved vacuum breaker and backflow preventer available
  • Adjustable bracket to accommodate roof angles up to 4/12

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