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PGM...The Gear-Driven Answer for Medium-Sized Areas

The PGM rotor has been developed to fill the void of the “mid-range” area in today’s landscapes: spacings 15' to 30' (4.6 to 9.1 m)…hard-to-fit sites that are too large for sprays yet too small for traditional rotary sprinklers. The PGM is a midrange, gear-driven rotor that’s two-thirds the size of our best selling PGP.
Offering greater efficiency in the application of water for slopes, medians and confined areas, the PGM rotor eliminates wasteful runoff and puddling often associated with multiple-row spray head installations.

PGM...The Ideal Alternative to Spray Heads

The PGM can be zoned together with other Hunter rotors, allowing areas that would typically use spray heads to be zoned together with PGP or I-20 rotors.
The PGM saves installation time and material costs in narrow areas typically reserved for sprays. Less trenching, fewer piping connections, less lawn disruption are all important labor saving benefits.
With the PGM, more sprinklers can be connected to the same zone, reducing the number of valves and controller stations required.

PGM...The Special Features Customers Require

With a wide range of pop-up heights the PGM can meet all your needs. The 4" (10 cm) is for normal grass heights, the 6" (15 cm) is ideal for areas with taller grasses or where mowing is infrequent, and the 12" (30 cm) is ideal for all higher plant material. There is also a shrub model that is ideally suited for use on a riser.
The newest feature of the PGM, thanks to comments heard in the field, is the .50 gpm nozzle. Now, more than ever, greater flexibility can be achieved with lower flows and matched precipitation rates.
One of the hottest PGM features is a radius adjustment screw that allows for quick and precise fine tuning of the spray, keeping water away from surrounding buildings, walkways and hardscapes.
The PGM has the proven reliability of a “Mini-PGP” along with the easy to adjust arc, ranging from 40° to 360°, wet or dry, popped up or down!

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