Rain Bird - PCS090 P1800 PCS Pressure Compensating Screen - 0.9 GPM (White)

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  • 0.9 GPM (White) pressure compensating spray head screen
  • Compensates for pressure variations
  • Eliminates fogging and water waste caused by high pressures
  • Nozzles can be matched with screens to create short-throw, reduced-radius patterns and/or flush-mounted bubblers
  • 0.25 gpm (0,06 m3/h; 1,2 l/m) screens allow greater flexibility in achieving 4', 6' and 7' radius patterns
  • Use with all 1800 Series plastic nozzles (MPR, VAN, U-Series, Strips and Bubblers)
  • Easily installed in new and retrofit applications. Simply replace standard screen with PCS screen

Under the nozzle pressure compensation screens help reduce pressure fluctuations. Use to control fogging of spray nozzles by reducing the incoming pressure or to reduce the radius of the water pattern. Take control of your system with 1800 PCS screens.

*With a pressure compensator, outlet pressure will be reduced, but will fluctuate as the inlet pressure changes. A pressure compensator cannot maintain outlet pressure at a constant rate. A pressure regulator establishes and maintains a constant outlet pressure of 30 psi (2,1 bar) as long as the inlet pressure at the spray head is greater than 30 psi (2,1 bar).

Operating Range:

  • Flow: 0.20 to 0.9 gpm (0,05 to 0,20 m3/h; 0,01 to 0,06 l/s)
  • Pressure: 15 to 70 psi (1,0 to 4,8 bar)

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