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Reliable Battery-Powered Control Without the Need of an Electrical Connection

For isolated sites and power-restricted areas, the Hunter NODE is the smart, reliable solution. The NODE mounts to a valve's solenoid quickly and easily, and without screws, drills or additional wires. The unit's solid construction and full waterproof exterior ensure it can handle the harsh environment of any valve box. The NODE is powered by one or two 9V alkaline batteries and provides standard or extended power throughout the season. Along with exceptional reliability, the NODE features an easy-to-program LCD screen, the ability to control a Pump Master Valve, and is faster to program with Hunter's simple wizard with 3 programs and 4 start times per program. The array of programming options and rugged reliability make the NODE a compact, but powerful irrigation controller with the flexibility of battery or solar power.


  • Solar Panel, Ambient Light or Battery powered
  • Number of stations: 4
  • Type: Fixed
  • Enclosure: Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Body
  • Pump Master Valve operation (available in 2-, 4-, 6-station models)
  • Independent programs: 3
  • Start times per program: 4
  • Max. station run time: 6 hrs
  • Accepts one or two 9-volt batteries for extended battery life
  • Programmable Off up to 99 days
  • Manual Cycle
  • Rain sensor bypass
  • Warranty period: 2 years


Advanced Features:

Easy Retrieve™ Memory:

A manual back-up utility that stores complete controller scheduling and setup information in back-up memory. This allows the saved watering schedule to be restored at any time. This can be used to set a controller back to its initial settings after tampering or at the beginning of a new season.

Global Seasonal Adjustment:

This feature allows for quick adjustments to irrigation run times through a percentage scale. During peak season, set the seasonal adjustment to 100%. If weather conditions require less water, enter the appropriate percentage value (i.e. 50%) to cut down irrigation run times without the need to adjust each station in the program.

Sensor Compatibility:

Node is compatible with hard-wired Hunter Clik sensors and other micro-switch type weather sensors for enhanced efficiency.

Battery Life Indicator:

All units include a clear display of available battery life so users can accurately schedule for replacement.

Waterproof Body:

Rugged shell casing is waterproof up to a depth of 12 feet (IP68 rated).

One-Touch Manual Start and Advance:

Allows any program to be started manually by simply pressing and holding the right arrow key. Advance through stations in a program by pressing the right arrow key again.

Non-Volatile Memory:

This feature offers protection against unreliable power, retaining current time, date, and program data.

Rain Sensor Bypass:

Feature that controls the input signal from the weather sensor (Rain-Clik, Freeze-Clik, Wind-Clik). When the switch is set to "Bypass" the controller will ignore the signal from the sensor and irrigate normally.

DC Latching Solenoid included with 1 Station NODE-100 ONLY A DC Latching Solenoid (458200) is required for more valves.


  • Warranty: Two-Years
  • Wire Length: 100 Feet
  • Extra 1: 3 1/2 Inch
  • One, Two, Four, and Six station versions


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