Hunter Industries MP Rotator 90 - 210 Degree Adjustable Rotary Nozzle 6 - 12 ft

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As the newest member of Hunter's popular MP800, the MP815 extends a 0.8"/hr (20 mm/hr) matched precipitation rate to a convenient larger maximum radius of 16' (4.9 m). Thanks to this capability, the MP800 offers increased system-level design and retrofit applications.

The previously released MP800SR covers distances as short as 6' (1.8 m). Now, with the addition of the MP815, the MP800 can irrigate spaces up to 16' (4.9 m) with uniform coverage and the same 0.8"/hr (20 mm/hr) matched precipitation rate.

Hunter is the only company to offer three matched precipitation rate options for pop-ups, giving customers more choices for irrigation management. To maximize water-use efficiency, choose the standard MP Rotator, which has a slow precipitation rate of 0.4"/hr (10 mm/hr). This is perfect for tight soils, as well as steep slopes to eliminate runoff. Use the 0.8"/hr (20 mm/hr) precipitation rate of the MP800 for medium-grade soils, gentle slopes, and small spaces.

Both the standard MP Rotator family and the MP800 maintain all the benefits of the MP Rotator's patented design. Slow rotation of the nozzle allows for strong, wind-resistant streams that cover their full targeted range with a high distribution uniformity. For increased reliability in the field, the unique double-pop feature prevents debris from entering the nozzle, and with only one moving part, the MP Rotator is built for durability in even the toughest conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Precipitation rate of approximately 0.8 in/hr for spray retrofit applications

  • Automatic matched precipitation for simplified irrigation design and flexibility

  • Double-pop feature protects the nozzle from external debris

  • High distribution uniformity for a healthy landscape with maximum water efficiency

  • Additional Features

  • Wind-resistant, multi-stream technology prevents misting

  • Adjustable arc only when MP Rotator nozzle is running for vandal resistance

  • Removable filter screen prevents nozzle clogging

  • Color-coded for easy identification



The MP Rotator® has the unique ability to control the amount of water flowing through the nozzle at various arc and radius settings, resulting in matched precipitation regardless of the nozzle setting.


The MP Rotator’s nozzle pops up from its protected position only after the riser is fully extended, providing superior defense against dirt and debris.


The various streams of the MP Rotator allow it to target all areas of the landscape evenly, yielding superior uniformity over traditional spray nozzles. Each stream targets specific areas to achieve higher efficiency and even coverage.


The standard MP Rotator line applies water at 0.4 in/hr, while the MP800 has a precipitation rate of 0.8 in/hr. Either choice will avoid runoff, saving water and preventing erosion.

Operating Specifications

  • Radius reduction up to approximately 25% on all models
  • Recommended operating pressure: 40 PSI
  • Minimum radius setting achieved at 30 PSI
  • Filtration recommended on dirty water applications
  • Warranty period: 3 years



Pressure: 40 PSI

Radius: 10ft

Flow: 0.23 GPM, 13.8 GPH

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