Rain Bird - MDCF75FPT 3/4" Female Pipe Thread Adapter


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Complete system of compression fittings and adapters for all tubing connection needs in a low-volume system.

Reduces inventory costs: Multi-diameter compression fittings work with a wide range of 1/2" polyethylene tubing sizes (0.630" to 0.669" or 16mm - 17mm outside diameter).

Saves time and effort: 50% less force is required to connect tubing and fittings versus competitive compression fittings. Adapters swivel for easy installation.

Provides increased flexibility: Just three Easy Fit Fittings and five Easy Fit Adapters are needed to make over 160 combinations of connections, accommodating countless installation and maintenance situations.

  • Easy Fit Compression Fitting System - 1/2 in. Male Pipe Thread Adapter
  • Faster and easier to install—requires up to 50% less force to install tubing, making your installation project faster and easier
  • Great for maintenance and retrofitting existing systems
  • Works with virtually any manufacturer's 1/2 in. tubing, where the outside diameter ranges from .630" to .669" (16mm to 17mm)
  • The eight components of the Easy Fit System (3 Fittings and 5 Adapters) can be built into over 160 different configurations
  • Not compatible with Rain Bird XBS or XT700 tubing
  • Easy Fit Adapters are not barbed fittings; they are to be used only with Easy Fit Compression Fittings

    Easy Fit Install Instructions:

    Step 1

    Select an Easy Fit Compression Fitting—either a coupling, an elbow or a tee.

    Step 2

    Select the Easy Fit Compression Adapter to connect the fitting to any 1/2" (12,7 mm) or 3/4" (19,05 mm) male- or female-threaded component (for example, a threaded PVC riser).

    Step 3

    After selecting the right Easy Fit Compression System components, simply assemble the two using little effort.

    Step 4

    Easily insert any manufacturer’s drip tubing from .630" to .669" O.D. (16 mm to 17 mm) into the fitting and connect onto the threaded component. Simple. Fast. Done.

    Operating Range

    • Pressure: 0 to 60 psi (0 to 4.1 bar)
    • Accepts tubing O.D. of 0.630" to 0.669" (16 -17mm)

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