King Innovation 98105 - DB Power Connect, 3pc. Bag

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  • Designed for use in direct bury line voltage applications or in irrigation systems
  • For use in golf irrigation pedestals
  • Pre-filled with a non-toxic SmartGel®
  • Waterproof and corrosion proof
  • For use in outdoor or direct burial locations
  • UV and impact resistant
  • Eliminates the need for heat shrinks, primers, tapes, resins and epoxy packs


Max. Voltage: 600V* 
Connector Size: 2.04" Tall x 3.0" Wide x 0.56" Deep
Lug Size: 0.75" Tall x 1.65" Wide x 0.56" Deep
Wire Type: Copper
Wire Range: Min #14/Max #4
Temperature Rating: -50°C to 90°C (-58°F to 194°F)
Silicone Sealant Temperature: -50°C to 200°C (-58°F to 392°F)

*Important Notice: All of the statements, technical information, drawings, illustrations, and instructions related to King Innovation’s products are based on information understood as reliable and correct to the best of the company’s knowledge. It is the responsibility of the independent user to assure the testing conducted by King Innovation is suitable for the proposed application. All risks and liability are assumed by the independent user. Any assertion associated to the product which is not outlined in King Innovation’s current publications, or any dissimilar assertion contained on individual purchase orders shall have no force or effect unless explicitly arranged, in writing, by an authorized officer of King Innovation. King Innovation’s liability for these products is set forth in our standard terms and conditions of sale. King Innovation is a registered trademark. 

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