HydroRain 04010 HRC-990-SD-MD 13 Volt Solenoid for HRC 900 Battery-Powered Controller

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The DC Latching Solenoid is used to convert automatic sprinkler valves so they can be operated with the HRC 990 Battery Operated Sprinkler Controller. The DC Latching Solenoid is designed to operate on Rain bird, Hunter, or Hydro-Rain valves.
The HRC 900 battery-operated controller sends a quick DC pulse to operate the solenoid, so you need a DC latching solenoid to operate correctly. When using the HRC 990 the keyed plug can only be installed one way, simplifing the installation process. The DC latching solenoid has one black wire for the common wire and one red wire for the station wire. It is important that the wires are connected correctly for proper operation. Black connected to the C or COM (common) terminal inside the controller, and the red wire connected to the appropriate station terminal.  


  • Converts most automatic sprinkler valves for use with HRC 990 Battery Operated Sprinkler Controller
  • Adapters are available for most valves 
  • Works on Hydro-Rain automatic sprinkler valves with a Bleed screw or solenoid mounted On/Off bleed lever
  • Includes a solenoid adapter to be used only on valves with solenoid mounted On/Off bleed levers
  • Unique water tight plug requires no splices or wire connector
HRC-990-SD-MD Specifications
• Voltage Range: 9 to 14 Volts DC
• Operating current: 1.5A @ 13VDC
• Coil resistance: 11 ?
Two 18 gauge wires, 18.75" inches long with 1.25" HRC 990 plug, 22" total overall length
150 psi maximum operating pressure.
Latching Solenoid Dimensions:
Width: 1.25"
Height: 2" 
Depth: 1.25" 

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