Franklin Electric 3W (1.5HP,230,60,W) #2243009203GS FPS 4" Submersible Motor, 1-phase, 3-wire, 1.5hp, 230v, 60 Hz, Water Well Construction

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The Franklin 4-inch Super Stainless motor has been the driving force behind residential and light commercial submersible pumps for decades. Designed and patented in 1950 by our founder, Ed Schaefer, this motor has proven to be the industry’s most trusted residential pump motor.

Franklin offers 4-inch motors in a full line of single- and three-phase voltages, frequencies, and application-specific models. Wherever there is an independent source of clean groundwater, you can find a Franklin motor.

Basic Features

  • Single-phase Voltage 230 V 60 Hz, 220 V 50 Hz
  • Three-phase Voltages 200 V, 230 V, 380 V, 575 V 60 Hz, 460/380 V 60/50 Hz
  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction
  • Stainless Steel Splined Shaft
  • Hermetically-Sealed Windings
  • Anti-Track Self-Healing Resin System
  • Water Lubrication
  • Filter Check Valve (Water Well)
  • Kingsbury-type Thrust Bearing
  • Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm
  • Built-in Lightning Arrestors (single-phase)
  • Removable Water-Bloc™ Lead installed in 60 Hz and dual frequency rated water well motors. Consult factory for additional leads
  • NEMA Pump Mounting Dimensions
  • UL 778 Recognized (North American Voltages)
  • CSA C22.2 #108 Certified
  • Sand Fighter Slinger

Special Features

  • 316 Stainless Steel: Special construction option for acid, low pH, and saline applications.
  • Oil Stripper: Special construction option for secondary oil recovery wells, geothermal, or other applications with high ambient temperatures. Consult factory for details.
  • Pollution Recovery: Motors equipped for use in monitoring and recovery wells in which hydrocarbons and other chemicals may be present. Special Viton® rubber parts and other chemical resistant materials as listed in Construction Materials chart.
  • CBM+: Increased bearing capacity. Kingsbury-type thrust bearing rated for 5-10 hp - 1,500 lbs. downthrust or 15 hp - 3,500 lbs. downthrust. Contains reinforced diaphragm housing and diaphragm filter shield.
  • World Wide Adaptability: All standard voltage and Hertz ratings are offered. Contact Franklin Electric for availability.

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