Felco F802-Kit FELCO 802-HP + FELCO 882-NP + FELCO 916 (Right Hand)

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These ultra-fast electric pruning shears make intense pruning sessions a walk in the park, or vineyard, or orchard… From agriculture to horticulture to nurseries, the precision and power of the FELCO 802 will let you simply cut through branches up to 30mm / 1.2inches. The lightweight, ergonomic design and balance will ensure your muscles are left unstrained after a long pruning session.

Plug in and power up your FELCO 882 Power Pack and FELCO Lithium-Ion battery to unleash effortless clean cutting over a full day of intensive pruning. With a simple double click of the trigger you can choose between a larger or smaller cutting head opening setting to cut more efficiently and quickly through larger or smaller branches. 

Understanding the performance of the FELCO 802 is as simple as reviewing the FELCO application on the display of your smart phone or tablet, the application contains all the data about your tool from number of cuts to battery life, it also allows you to manage tool settings so you can keep it operating at the highest level of efficiency. 


The FELCO 882 power pack is lightweight, compact, and compatible with FELCO Lithium-Ion batteries and current FELCO electronic pruning shears such as FELCO 802, FELCO 812, FELCO 822 as well as several previous generations of FELCO electronic pruning shears.  

The Power Pack is extremely comfortable to use in up to 5 different positions, easily fitting all body types. The compact and lightweight carrying system provides even distribution of the weight of the battery or batteries which makes your movements easy and comfortable. The structure is designed to maximize air flow and provide greater comfort while in use. 

FELCO 916:

Genuine Leather Holster for Power tool range of products.

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