DIG Irrigation 15-048 PVC Single Starter Vonnector with 0-ring

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DIG’s one-piece barbed fittings are constructed of corrosion-resistant, UV-protected poly acetal and can withstand the harsh environment, direct sun and the use of common chemicals in commercial landscape installations. Available in a wide range of configurations, the barbed fittings offer an economical approach to connecting Excel™ PC 16 and 17 mm dripline without tools, clamps or glues.


  • High-impact plastic
  • Extra sharp barbed design for secure and easy installation of 16 mm and 17 mm drip tubing, emitter tubing and brown PC drip line
  • Fits 16 mm and 17 mm dripline and 1/2″ polyethylene drip tubing
  • Available with a wide range of connections
  • Made of high impact, high strength, durable and UV resistant plastic for long-life operation even in harsh conditions
  • One-piece construction


  • Operating pressure: up to 50 PSI (3.4 BAR)
  • Color: black 16 mm
  • Use with 1/2" (16 mm) drip tubing or drip line
  • Color: brown 17 mm
  • Use with 5/8" (17 mm) drip tubing or drip line
  • Material: Acetal

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