DIG Irrigation A5-218P 250 ft Excel PCD Pressure Compensating, 18" Spacing

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DIG’s Excel™ (PCD) Pressure Compensating, Dual Outlet Dripline is reliable, durable and precise, with all the features you look for in a pressure compensating dripline. The cylindrical drip emitters are designed with floating diaphragms to regulate and maintain a consistent flow rate at variable inlet pressures between 12 to 50 PSI. Unlike other dripline with only a single outlet, the Excel™ (PCD), Pressure Compensating, Dual Outlet Dripline has two outlets per emitter. If one outlet becomes blocked, a second outlet on the opposing side of the dripline provides redundancy to the dripline performance. For commercial or residential landscaping, Excel™ (PCD) Pressure Compensating, Dual Outlet Dripline excellent performance at a range of operating pressures presents many advantages in site preservation and system efficiency, supporting trouble-free operation and long life. The Excel™ (PCD) Pressure Compensating, Dual Outlet Dripline is ideal for installation in oddly or narrowly shaped areas, parking lots, high-traffic areas, green walls, green roofs, windy sites and on difficult terrain such as on slopes and other challenging areas.


  • Dual outlet configuration; if one outlet becomes blocked, a second outlet on the opposing side of each drip emitter along the line provides redundancy to the drip emitter performance
  • Can be installed above or below grade
  • Flow-regulated, self-flushing in-line drip emitters deliver equal flow at a wide range of operating pressures
  • Two flow rates to provide maximum flexibility in a variety of applications
  • Flow uniformity regardless of operating pressure and variation along the line
  • Drip emitter and diaphragm are self-contained units that are molded into the interior wall of the tubing
  • Turbulent flow through a large labyrinth water passage helps reduce clogging
  • Emitters are made of three individual sections including a cylindrical plastic housing with a labyrinth water passage, a plastic receptacle and a floating silicon diaphragm
  • Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in landscaping
  • Flexible tubing for easy installation
  • Dripline is marked with flow rate, size and date for easy identification
  • Use with DIG’s 17 mm barb fittings, .670″ OD compression fittings and universal Nut Lock™ fittings


  • Flow rates:
    • .58 GPH (2.2 L/H) color code - yellow
    • .95 GPH (3.6 L/H) color code - white
  • Operating pressure: 12-50 PSI (0.8-3.5 BAR)
  • Color code: black or brown
  • Materials: Low-density polyethylene resin
  • Sizes:
    • .570" ID x .670" OD (14.5 mm ID x 17 mm OD)
  • Spacing: 12”, 18”, 24”, 30 and 36” (30 cm, 46 cm, 61 cm, 76 cm and 91 cm)
  • Lengths: 100’, 250’, 500’ and 1000’ coils
  • (30 m, 76 m, 152 m and 305 m)
  • Minimum bending radius: 1’ (.3 m)
  • Filter requirement: minimum of 150 mesh

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