DIG Irrigation PCO-010 PC Self-Flushing 1 GPH Button Drip Emitter

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DIG Pressure Compensating (PC) Button Drip Emitters are designed to produce a consistent flow rate over a pressure range of 7.25 to 58 PSI. DIG PC drip button emitters are continuously adjusting to varying water pressures, ensuring a constant flow from each drip emitter regardless of pressure fluctuations or varying elevations along the line. The PC drip emitters are available in .5, 1, 2 and 4 GPH. Used for flowers, shrubs groundcovers and trees, DIG PC drip emitters offer a convenient way to water both, new and existing landscapes, including difficult terrain such as slopes, oddly shaped areas and sites with high winds.


  • Labyrinth water passage with a floating silicon diaphragm design provides a self-cleaning mechanism at the water outlet
  • Barbed inlet for installation into drip tubing or 1/4″ distribution tubing
  • Male nipple outlet for a placement of multi-outlet adapter or bug caps
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material to withstand the most adverse conditions
  • Available in four color-coded flow rates for easy identification
  • Pressure compensation enables the use of longer laterals with smaller diameter tubing
  • Ideal watering solution for long laterals, rapid irrigation cycles, and for light soils
  • Outlet can be connected into 1/8″ micro tubing with a stake for branching from the main line or lateral
  • Unaffected by fluctuating inlet water pressure


  • Operating pressure:
    • 7.25 - 58 PSI (.5 - 4 BAR)
  • Flow rates and color codes:
    • .5 GPH (1.78 L/H) color code – brown
    • 1 GPH (4 L/H) color code – black
    • 2 GPH (7.60 L/H) color code – green
    • 4 GPH (15.5 L/H) color code – red
  • Inlet size:
    • 1/4" (4 mm) barb
  • Outlet size:
    • 1/4" nipple
  •  Filter requirement:
    • 120 mesh/130 microns for .58 GPH (2.2 L/H) or lower
    • 150 mesh/100 microns for 1 GPH (3.8 L/H) or higher
      Filter selection depends on water quality and concentration of dirt particles
  • Materials:
    • Body and cover: polypropylene
    • Diaphragm: silicone

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