DeWitt AEC-SEGRN4 Excelsior Single Net Erosion Control Blanket Green 4'x112.5'


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Introducing the DeWitt Curlex, a single layer landscaping weed fabric used for commercial or residential weed mats for landscape areas. The weed blocker seamlessly blends and protects your grass, acting as a ground cover against potential threats that may harm your soil. DeWitt's burlap roll is light enough for you to carry and meticulously designed for erosion control and acts as a weed barrier landscape fabric. If you have concerns about excess water damage or erosion to land at your commercial or residential area, you might need the help of the DeWitt's Single Layer weed barrier fabric heavy duty item. This burlap sack comes in the form of a 4-foot wide x 112.5-foot roll. The material can be routinely used for urban draining, stream banks, waterways, and on-highway embankments, ditch bottoms, slopes, bridges, approaches, and medians. Its sturdy and recyclable construction is gentle on the environment while also offering an effective garden weed barrier. Thanks to the dyed green color, the burlap material can blend well with the natural green grass color. The DeWitt Single Layer Excelsior features a commercial grade landscape fabric construction, offering durability and longevity. Their heavy-duty landscape fabric ensures it withstands the rigors of outdoor use. Combat natural land erosion with this erosion control blanket from DeWitt.

  • EROSION CONTROL BLANKET – Features an erosion control blanket that slopes to a ratio of 2 to 1; Burlap blanket for highway embankments, ditch bottoms, slopes, bridges, approaches, and medians
  • EASY TO USE – You don’t have to be an expert to use the weed barrier fabric, it is light enough so that you can carry and cut it and also heavy enough to protect your garden
  • DESIGN – Dyed green to blend in with grass; Allows nutrients to pass through the landscape fabric; Keeps the weeds under control, thus conserving your soil’s moisture and preserving its value
  • MADE TO LAST – Sturdy construction; Contains a minimum of post-consumer recycled content to provide premium protection as a landscaping fabric; Burlap fabric that can withstand punctures, and tears
Single Net Excelsior Blanket
  • Biodegradable Great Lakes Aspen curled
    wood excelsior with 80% 6” fibers or greater
  • Photodegradable netting on top
  • Used on highway embankments, ditch bottoms,
    slopes, bridges, approaches and medians
  • Used for residential, commercial & industrial developments
  • Used for urban drainage, stream banks and waterways
  • Slopes to 2:1, Channel to 5 ft. / S Dyed green for aesthetic purposes to give look of grass already in place.

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