Arcmate KIWI Pick Up Tongs, Tweezer Style Outdoor Litter Pick Up Tool, Reacher Grabber, Adjustable from 24" to 33" Reach, Orange (15080)

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This handy and lightweight chopstick-style tool will save you time and eliminate backaches when picking up trash. Easy squeeze to grasp and relax to spring open and release. Smooth curved pick-up ends won't snag or hang-up when reaching into bushes and tight spots. Even better, smooth tips will not pull bagged trash out of your bag.

  • Long lasting - simple design no parts to loose or replace
  • Soft bright orange foam grip for comfort and safety
  • Adjust hand position for short 24 in. to long 33 in. reach
  • Spring pivot joint for easy close and quick open
  • Pick up a dime or grab an empty gallon plastic bottle
  • 37 in. long - stores 1-1/4 in. flat

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