Hunter Industries ACC2 A2M-600 Station Expansion Module

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The ACC brings the versatile features of modularity to the most advanced large-scale commercial controller in the Hunter line. The adaptable design not only allows configuration to the number of stations you desire, it also makes it easy to upgrade to two-way communication with a Hunter Central Control System. What truly sets the ACC apart is its sheer power. Intelligent overlap settings and its powerful transformer allow ACC to run up to 6 programs simultaneously, packing the most watering into the shortest water window.  Real time flow monitoring allows the controller to dynamically respond to overflow conditions by station, and track system water use. The ACC boasts a total of 6 independent and 4 custom programs and the ability to assist the water manager in conforming to “watering windows.” Plus, the ACC’s large backlit LCD display offers the user a convenient means to personalize on-screen station and program names. ACC also has built-in support for the water-saving Solar Sync sensor.

Key Benefits

  • Number of stations:

  • 12 to 42

  • 6 automatic programs (10 start times each)

  • SSGs (Simultaneous Station Groups) to consolidate large systems

  • Built-in Solar Sync® logic for smart water savings

  • Real-time flow monitoring detects and diagnoses leaks with optional flow sensor

  • Detailed alarm logs in plain language

  • Programmable Rain Delay after sensor shutdown

  • Easy Retrieve™ programming backup and restore

  • Non-Water Windows to inhibit accidental irrigation

  • Cycle and Soak, Delay Between Stations

6 station expansion module with advanced surge suppression

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