Rain Bird - 1800-RETRO Drip Irrigation Retrofit Kit for 1800 Series Spray Bodies

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Rain Bird® 1800-RETRO is the easiest and fastest way to convert a conventional spray zone to a low-volume irrigation zone. The 1800 Retro internal assembly is easily installed into any existing 1804, 1806, or 1812 spray head bodies to retrofit existing system to Xerigation products.

  • The quick and easy way to convert from traditional pop-up spray heads to water-efficient drip irrigation.
  • Includes both a low profile ½” FPT x Barb Elbow Fitting and ½” FPT x Barb Tee Fitting for easy connection to drip tubing
  • Provides 30 psi (2,0 Bars) pressure regulation and 200-mesh (75 micron) screen that is easily accessible
  • Internal assembly drops into any Rain Bird 1804, 1806, or 1812 spray head body to easily retrofit existing system to drip.
  • Can be installed above or below grade
  • Supports flow rates of 0.5 to 6 gpm

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