Dekorra 301-GT-C2 Insulated Green Backflow Enclosure

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»  Durable polyethylene construction
»  Two-piece design with easy lift-off access
»   ASSE approval on all three classifications
»  Built-in double-locking hasp
»   Insect-resistant ventilation media

Our insulated and enclosures are designed primarily for the backflow market and fit ¾"–2" backflow assemblies and pressure vacuum breakers.  Choose from two natural tones—Green Turf or Brown Granite. 


Dekorra Backflow Enclosures incorporate features to provide for positive drainage, security, and accessibility for monitoring, testing, repairing and replacing components. The enclosure provides freeze protection, freeze retardant or non-freeze protection of the components inside.

Class II (C2) – Freeze retardant. Dekorra Enclosures Class II and II-V shall have a minimum thermal resistance value of eight. Dekorra Backflow enclosures have been designed and constructed to be installed in minimum external temperatures of 33°F.

Foam inserts for  ventilation are included with each enclosure.

Hardware is included with each enclosure for anchoring to a concrete pad. Stakes are also included for  situations where no concrete pad is required.

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