Green Thumb Tips: How to Add or Replace K-Rain Sprinkler Head

Eastern Irrigation is dedicated to providing exceptional lawn care solutions. There's an art to maintaining a lush, green lawn all year round. A pivotal part of this process is the installation and adjustment of efficient sprinkler heads like those offered by K-Rain.

Adding a New Spray Head to Your In-Ground Sprinkler System

Adding a new spray head to your lawn is a simple task with K-Rain's sprinkler system.

The procedure involves purchasing K-Rain spray heads and other necessary supplies such as PVC piping, joints, and waterproof Blue PVC Cement.

Follow these steps to increase your lawn sprinkler's water coverage:

  1. Excavate the existing sprinkler head: This will allow you to connect a new water line.
  2. Separate the old sprinkler line: Using a cutting tool, disconnect the old line from the sprinkler head.
  3. Dig out a shallow channel for the new line: Avoid digging a trench, as you're only adding one line.
  4. Install the new line: Place the new line piping into the channel and press down to bury it as much as possible.
  5. Prepare the piping: Clean any dirt from the open piping. Apply glue to the piping and the T joint, attach them, and hold until it sets.
  6. Attach additional piping: Continue attaching piping with the joint using PVC cement all the way to your new sprinkler location.
  7. Install the new sprinkler head: Ensure it aligns correctly with the new line.
  8. Test the system: Before burying the new lines and spray heads, test the system for proper functioning.
  9. Bury the new line and heads: Once the water runs smoothly through the new line, cover the sprinkler head and the PVC pipes with dirt.

Switching Out K-Rain Spray Heads

Changing sprinkler heads with K-Rain is a straightforward process. 

Here's how to change a K-Rain spray head:

  1. Understand the nozzle's position: Identify which arrow indicates the nozzle's position and how the other arrow adjusts the sprinkler head's opening.
  2. Choose the spray type: Adjust the nozzle for the type of spray you want to emit. This could range from a long spray to a short one.
  3. Set the spray pattern: Do this before placing the new spray head into the ground.
  4. Adjust the spray head: Depending on your watering needs, adjust the spray head from 180º to 240º or a full 360º.
  5. Install the spray head: Ensure that the riser is deep enough to prevent damage from lawn mowing, but not so low that it might accumulate excess dirt and water.
  6. Test the sprinkler: Make sure it covers the intended area.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What supplies do I need to add a new K-Rain sprinkler head?
A: To add a new K-Rain sprinkler head, you'll need a few items. These include a new K-Rain sprinkler head, PVC piping and joints, waterproof Blue PVC Cement, and a cutting tool for separating the old sprinkler line.

Q: How deep should I place the riser in the ground?
A: The riser should be deep enough to prevent damage from lawn mowing. However, avoid placing it too low as excess dirt and water might accumulate.

Q: How can I change the type of spray emitted by my K-Rain sprinkler head?
A: You can adjust the nozzle using the K Key to choose the type of spray, whether long or short. The adjustment can be done when the spray head is out of the ground.

Q: What precautions should I take when installing the new spray head in the ground?
A: When installing the spray head, make sure it is deep enough to avoid being damaged by a lawnmower. However, it should not be too deep that it accumulates excess dirt and water.

Q: How can I ensure that my newly installed sprinkler head works properly?
A: Before burying the new line and heads, you should test the system to make sure the water runs smoothly. Also, check that the sprinkler covers the intended area.