570Z Spray with Pressure Regulation

The Toro® 570Z Spray Heads with Pressure Regulation ensure that your nozzles work optimally. Spray nozzles should be operated at 30 psi as a general rule to produce a constant spray pattern and to minimize water wastage due to misting and overspray. Toro 570Z Spray Heads have a 'zero flush' seal for full pop-up height, a ratcheting riser for easy alignment, and a stainless-steel spring for full retraction.

The Unsung Hero of Efficient Irrigation

It is important to keep the proper pressure in a sprinkler system. If you set it too high, you risk misting, overspray, and water waste.

If the spray pattern is too low, it may not give appropriate coverage. Optimal pressure ensures water is distributed uniformly and the proper amount reaches each plant root.

Why 30 psi Is the Magic Number

Most spray nozzles, especially in advanced systems, are designed to operate at an optimum pressure of 30 psi. This benchmark pressure ensures:

  • Consistent Spray Patterns: At 30 psi, the spray pattern is even and uniform, devoid of gaps or over-watered patches.
  • Minimized Water Waste: Operating at this ideal pressure reduces the chances of misting and overspray, both common culprits of water waste.

Features of Pressure-Regulated Spray Systems

Modern spray systems, with pressure regulation come equipped with a range of features that ensure effective and efficient performance.

Zero Flush Seal: The Promise of Full Pop-Up Height

The irregular pop-up height of some sprinklers is a serious concern, resulting in water waste and unequal coverage. A 'zero flush' seal guarantees the system consistently achieves its full pop-up height, ensuring consistent coverage.

Ratcheting Riser: Precision and Alignment

A properly oriented sprinkler guarantees that water reaches its destination. The ratcheting riser function allows for simple alignment, allowing gardeners and landscape managers to modify the spray direction easily.

Diverse Pop-Up Heights: Catering to All Needs

Every landscape is unique, demanding customized irrigation solutions. Modern pressure-regulated systems come in various pop-up heights, typically 4", 6", and 12". This selection ensures a suitable pop-up height, whether watering a little flower bed or a huge garden, is available.

Eliminating Common Irrigation Challenges

Water misting and fogging at the nozzle are common problems with traditional sprinklers. This causes quick evaporation and increases the likelihood of water being blown away from the targeted irrigation region. In the most recent systems, factory-installed pressure regulators eliminate these issues, guaranteeing that every drop counts.


At Eastern Irrigation, we offer effective irrigation solutions in an era when water conservation is more important than ever. With a thorough understanding of landscape requirements and the most recent technology breakthroughs, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, pressure-regulated spray systems that guarantee precision, efficiency, and sustainability.

Understanding and implementing these modern systems can make all the difference whether you're a homeowner wishing to update your garden or a professional landscape manager searching for the finest irrigation.