HydroRain 02117 HRZ-100-BL-30 1" Blu-lock spigot x 1" MPT, Filter and 30 PSI Regulator

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An industry first. The HRZ Series all-in-one drip control zone lays claim to being the industry’s first “one piece” low-flow irrigation zone valve, filter, and regulator combination—so compact that it fits snugly in a 6" round valve box, and two fit comfortably in a 10" box. On the outside, the HRZ control zone beats competition’s PVC construction hands down by offering the strength, durability and environmental friendliness of commercial-grade, glass-filled polypropylene. The internals are just as impressive. The valve design allows it to handle flows as low as 0.1 GPM and as high as 5.0 GPM, while withstanding pressures up to 120 PSI. The filter module contains a 200 mesh filter that keeps lines free of debris and features the easy serviceability of a jar top with flush port. The integrated pressure regulator module provides a constant pressure of 30 PSI. Best of all, the HRZ micro-irrigation control zone comes "drip-ready" with a Drip-Lock adapter that enables true Built for Speed installation. Also available in universal valve-less versions that include only the regulator, filter, and Drip-lock adapter, adaptable to most brands of  1" or 3/4" irrigation valves.

  • Ultra Low-flow allows operation at lowest possible flows to boost water savings.
  • Smallest overall footprint reduces control zone kit and valve box waste.
  • 100% Recyclable materials, PVC free!
  • Stainless Steel 200 mesh filter provides large surface area for low maintenance.
  • Compact designs fits snugly in 6" round valve box or you can fit four in a standard box.
  • One-piece construction features a low-flow valve, filter, and a pressure regulator (HRZ-100-VFR-30 only).
  • 1" Low-flow valve operates efficiently from 0.1~5 GPM (HRZ-100-VFR-30 only).
  • Stainless steel metering ensures optimal diaphragm performance (HRZ-100-VFR-30 only).
  • Manual internal bleed enables water-efficient manual operation (HRZ-100-VFR-30 only).
  • Fast valve service pairs standard diaphragm with easy-to-service jar top (HRZ-100-VFR-30 only).
  • Fast filter service combines speed of flush port with easy-to-service jar top (HRZ-100-VFR-30 only).
Flow: 0.1~5.0 GPM (0.4~18.9 LPM)
Inlet Pressure: 20~120 PSI (1.4~8.3 BAR)
Regulated Pressure: 30 PSI (2.1 BAR)
Filtration: 200 mesh filter
Height: 5½" (13.9 cm)
Length: 9 3/8" (23.8 cm) HRZ-100-VFR-30 only
Length: 4 1/2" (11 cm)
Width: 3" (7.6 cm)
24 VAC 50/60 HZ (Cycles/Sec) Solenoid
Inrush Current: .30 A (7.2VA) at 60 HZ
Holding Current: .19 A (4.6VA) at 60 HZ
Coil Resistance: 32 OHMS

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