Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

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Product Description
The Orbit Garden EnforcerTM Motion-activated Sprinkler features a height-adjustable tripod that adapts to your growing garden and landscape. A powerful combination of spray, motion and noise not only acts as a deterrent to scare off animals, but also conditions them to stay away from the enforced area. The heat and motion-activated sensor detects movement from up to 40 feet away and triggers the valve to spray a burst of water. The tripod adjusts from 28 to 54 inches, perfect for guarding growing gardens. The dual-purpose sprinkler also has a timed watering feature that allows you to water your garden 30 minutes at a time. Other pest and animal repellent methods simply do not provide the same level of simplicity and control: fences are expensive; netting is inconvenient; and repellent wears off and is harmful to you. Keep deer away from vegetable gardens, cats out of flowerbeds, birds from strawberry patches and ponds, and dogs away from lawns without the use of harmful methods: Don't hurt em, just squirt em.

Features and Benefits
  • HUMANELY REPELS ANIMALS AND PESTS: Keeps animals and pests out of plants, yards and gardens using a harmless spray of water.
  • UNIQUE DAY AND NIGHT DETECTION: The only deterrent sprinkler on the market with options for day only, night only, or 24 hour protection, giving you the flexibility to ensure the Garden Enforcer only activates when you need it
  • STABLE TRIPOD BASE: Metal tripod resists tipping and extends the unit up to 54 inches to allow for adjustment as plants grow.
  • SAVE WATER AND BATTERY LIFE: Includes sensing technology for optimum water and battery conservation; get over 7,500 activation cycles on just 4 AA alkaline batteries and as little as 2 cups of water per activation.
  • INTELLIGENT SENSING TECHNOLOGY: Sensing technology learns the difference between trees and animals, so your water will not activate every time the wind blows.
  • LARGE-AREA COVERAGE: Sprays up to 70 feet in diameter, covering 3,840 square feet when set to a full circle
  • ADJUSTABLE COVERAGE: Easily adjust spray coverage from a partial section to full 360° watering.
  • ADJUSTABLE RANGE: Allows fine-tuning for different sized animals, infrared motion sensor has a range detection of up to 40 feet and 120°.
  • ACCURATE AIM: Precision aiming with the ability to position the sensor up, down, left, or right.
  • WATERING DURATION CONTROL: Duration adjusts from a quick squirt to a good soak and can be used in 30 minute watering mode as a timed sprinkler.


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