Rain Bird - FSMLXME Flow Smart Module for ESP-LXME


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Standard with the Rain Bird® ESP-LXMEF Controller and available as an upgrade to the ESP-LXME Controller, the Flow Smart Module provides flow learning, logging and problem reaction. This innovative tool is also compatible with IQ™ v2.0 Central Control and the Advanced Flow Sensing Feature Pack.

  • Combine the Flow Smart Module with Rain Bird® Flow Sensors for precise and accurate flow monitoring
  • Provides flow learning, logging and problem reaction for Rain Bird ESP-LXME series controllers
  • The Flow Smart Module™ features the Learn Flow utility and flow usage totalizer.
  • Flo-Watch™ protection for high and low flow conditions with user defined reactions.
  • Compatible with the Advanced Flow Sensing Software Feature Pack
    • Retrieves minute-by-minute flow logs from flow sensor equipped ESP-LXMEF and ESP-LXD Satellite Controllers.
    • Flow Logs vs. Projected Flow Graphical Report (identifies which programs & stations were running at any point in time).
    • Actual Flow Totals added to Satellite Station Run Time Report (included in Automated Email Reports)

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