Rain Bird - 4 Station ESP-LXME Expansion Module


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The new ESP-LXME Controller supports up to 48 stations. Your irrigation challenges come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why the new ESP-LXM 4-Station Module delivers the flexibility you need to control sites ranging from large residential all the way to large commercial. Just snap the module into place and expand to up to 48 stations in 4-station increments. With a single ESP-LXME Controller, you can now tackle almost any high-end job.

No-nonsense installation. Modular, plug-and-play design makes adding stations a snap. Install 4-station modules in any order within the cabinet. Dynamic Station Numbering orders stations in the correct sequence, preventing unwanted numbering gaps.

Extra Simple Programming. Get up and running faster thanks to the proven ESP controller interface, featuring easy-to-follow prompts and a large, easy-to-read display.

Easy customization. Whether the job is large or small, only pay for the number of stations you need.

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