DIG LEIT 2 ET - 2 Station Solar Powered Wireless Controller

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DIG LEIT 2 ET - 2 Station Solar Powered Wireless Controller | LEIT-2ET

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DIG’s LEIT-2ET wireless, solar powered and weather-based system utilizes evapotranspiration (ET) data and site information to monitor and adjust daily irrigation programming for each zone according to real-time weather information provided locally. The data transmitted from a local weather station hourly and daily, utilizing a radio frequency band, 915MHz NA, 866.5MHz Hong Kong and 868MHz International. Site information provided by the LEIT RC2 ET handset, combined with the weather station data are used by the controller to calculate the daily local micro climate and automatically adjust the daily irrigation schedule.


Controller specifications

  • Type: DC
  • Body: IP68
  • Power source: Light with 3,000 -100,000+ Lux
  • Minimum light requirements: 3,000 Lux
  • Power input: 9-volt DC pulse
  • Number of stations: 2
  • Station capacity: one 7-12 volt DC pulse, two-way latching solenoid (S-305 DC) per each set of red and white wires
  • Operating temperature: 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
  • Controller wires gauge: 16 AWG
  • Wireless transmitter power and frequency: -7 dBm @ 920 MHz / 7 dBm @ 868 MHz / -7 dBm @ 866 MHz
  • Rain sensor connection: normally closed
  • Dimensions: 3" W x 5.5" L including antenna (7.62 cm W x 13.97 cm L)



• Power is provided by an efficient photovoltaic module (PVM) and microelectronic management system fueled by ambient light (solar)

• Operates up to two stations and a sensor without AC power hookup, batteries, or conventional solar panels

• Two independent programs with four start times per program

• Used with Unimax S-305DC solenoids, which mount on most brand name valves using one of seven valve adapters

• Client ID enables the user to assign a unique identity code to the controller and handset; this is a security feature, which locks out unauthorized users

• The LEIT-2ET controller uses information transmitted from the weather station sensors and the LEIT RC2ET handset to override or adjust the daily scheduled irrigation program by adjusting the valve time duration in percentage to compensate for evapotranspiration (ET)

• The LEIT-2ET can monitor and receive signals from one to five weather stations every hour and uses the daily average data for evapotranspiration (ET) calculation

• The LEIT-2ET controller can monitor the weather stations and when ET is set to active will alert the user via the handset if information has not been received or how often the controller has received ET information that day along with the last time information was received

• The LEIT-2ET controller can receive information from the weather station(s) to completely stop irrigation if it is raining, freezing or too windy. This information is provided daily, every hour, during daylight hours only

• Environmentally friendly, utilizes RoHS compliant components

• The LEIT-2ET controller utilizes radio frequency in the ISM band 902-928 MHz (866 Hong Kong, 868 International) CE, IC, FCC certified, Australia and Hong Kong compliant

• The LEIT-2ET controller communicates with LEIT RC2ET handsets and weather stations from a distance of up to 350 feet (100 m) line of site by way of radio communication

• The LEIT-2ET controller functions both day and night in any weather and in most outdoor locations

• Default program: 5 minutes per day with a start time of 9 AM on valve one with no previous programming, if ID has been assigned

• Non-volatile memory retains program and controller integrity

• Program stacking feature prevents hydraulic overload

• Custom grouping of the two stations allows the controller to operate the two valves at the same time if hydraulic limitations are not exceeded

• Available with 18” (45 cm) color-coded 16 gauge wires for each valve and rain sensor

• Built from tough, rugged material and is resistant to harsh environmental conditions

• Completely waterproof, complies with IP68 requirements

• The LEIT-2ET has three mounting configurations including green, tan and purple valve box mounts, direct-to-valve clip mounting and column mounting with 25” (63 cm) or 50” (127 cm) mounting columns 

3 year manufacturer warranty



• Controller power requirements for normal operation: minimum of 3,000 Lux

• Controller input: 3,000 -100,000+ Lux

• Controller output: 9-volt DC pulse

• Controller station capacity: one 7-9 volt DC pulse, two-way magnetic latching solenoid per each set of red and white wires SPECIFICATIONS

• Operating temperature: 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C)

• Controller wire gauge: 16 AWG

• Wireless transmitter power and frequency specifications: -7 dBm @ 920 MHz / 7 dBm @ 868 MHz / -7 dBm @ 866 MHz

• Rain sensor connection: normally closed DIMENSIONS • 3” W x 5.5” L including the antenna (7.62 cm W x 13.97 cm L)

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