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Track water usage 24/7. Be alerted to excessive water use or leaks. Control your water use right from your smartphone, protect your home, and save money. Most water meters are compatible with Flume. Check below to see if your water meter is compatible.


Top reasons to choose Flume Smart Home Water Flow Monitor


Get Alerts on Free App

Get Alerts on Free App

Be alerted to leaks or excessively high water use by text, email, or push notifications anywhere on your smartphone.

Real-Time Water Usage Data

Real-Time Water Usage Data

Clearly determine water usage with instant data directly from an app on your smartphone. Allows you to take action and save money.

Save Water & Money

Detects leaks and excessive water use. The smart flow water monitor protects your entire property from possible water damage and saves you money. Get alerts and control your water flow on the free app right from your smartphone. iOS or Android.

What You'll Need


Smartphone, iOS or Android
WiFi connection
An existing water meter


Technical Specifications

Batteries 4 Lithium Metal AA Cells
Connection 915 MHz RF
Power Requirements 100-240VAC
USB power supply
Wifi Bandwidth 2.4Ghz
App Compatibility iOS - iPhone
iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 8 and higher. Android - Android version 4.3 and higher.
Warranty 1 Year
Smart Home Compatibility Amazon Alexa

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