Orbit 53212 12" Standard Rectangular Valve Box

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The irrigation industry’s standard for residential landscape sprinkler component protection. Large enough to house up to four 1" valves or drip control zones, the box provides easy access, durability, and flexibility. With its 12" height, the box reaches well into the frost free zone in most climates. With the addition of one or more standard extension boxes, it can easily accommodate 18" mainline projects as well. The large access holes at each end of the box permit usage in meter applications.

• Pre-Built Mouse Holes—Allows for faster placement of up to 2 1/2" pipe.

• T-Top Locking Lid—Makes it quicker to take the lid on and off resulting in faster service times.

• 100% Recyclable—Some models contain pre and post-consumer recycled materials. FEATURES AND BENEFITS

• T-Top Lid—Extends all the way to the edges of the base, preventing grass and dirt from interfering with the lid to base interface. The solid lid surface with indented finger holes ensures that no water, dirt or sand intrudes through the lid into the valve box.

• Lid Traction Bars—Incorporates textured surface in lid to provide traction and safety.

• Reinforcing Ribs—Utilizes a unique truss design on the underside of the lid to provide maximum support.

• HDPE Structural Foam Process—Derives from a combination of high-density polyethylene material and a proven manufacturing process which ensures maximum strength and durability.

• UV Stabilizers—Incorporates special UV inhibitors to minimize long-term effect of sunlight.

• 3" Mouse Hole—Allows installation directly over pipe, creating a full enclosure around the valve or other critical system components.

• Rigid Skirt—Extends around the full perimeter of the valve box, including mouse holes, providing maximum top load, side load and torsional rigidity

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